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What We Do

Who We Serve

Caritas serves more than 1,000 citizens of Greater Boston who would otherwise not be able to afford housing in our city and state. We enable working men and women on minimum wage, veterans experiencing post-service challenges, and low-income elderly and disabled citizens to live in a clean, safe home that they can afford.

HUD estimates that there are approximately 20,000 homeless people a night in Massachusetts, and the Boston Mayor’s Office estimates approximately 2,000 homeless people a night in the city. Many of these homeless citizens work, but because of out-of-reach housing costs, they live in unsafe, substandard housing, in shelters, or on the streets.

Caritas Communities strives to prevent new instances of homelessness by providing affordable housing to working people who earn significantly less than the area’s median income, who are often living paycheck to paycheck. Our residents need their Caritas home more than ever in the current economic environment. The median income for our residents is $20,700, which means that they cannot afford market rent. Caritas is committed to continuing to house our most disadvantaged neighbors to prevent homelessness and to restore dignity and hope in our residents’ lives.

Why Our Work Is Important

Four Caritas residents describe how having a safe, affordable home has allowed them to thrive.

Why It Matters

Right now homelessness is growing faster in Massachusetts than any other state, with Boston having the fourth-greatest disparity between income and housing in the country. Our community is in crisis with people being left without a place to go home to at the end of their day. They live on the streets, in shelters or in unsafe conditions. Their days are consumed puzzling about where they will sleep and whether they have enough to eat, all the while trying to juggle work and often school. Some are elderly or disabled. At Caritas we believe that no one should be homeless, and that providing permanent housing with supportive services for people is the solution.