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“My case manager helps me anyway he can. He helped me navigate getting health insurance and now we are focusing on finding me a job.”

— Steve, Central House resident

Resident Services

Caritas Communities provides on-site comprehensive supportive services to more than 524 of our residents in need of an extra hand. The Resident Services Program helps residents identify their needs and challenges they are facing, and it connects them to resources and service providers in the community.

Historically, Caritas has provided supportive services through collaborations with agencies that align with our mission of preventing homelessness and stabilizing neighborhoods. Caritas and its partners work together to help place residents in affordable housing and preserve their ability to remain in housing. And because housing is just one of many needs that our residents have, we collaborate with the best service providers to ensure residents have access to quality health care, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and assistance with employment and financial issues.

This model will continue, but we also recognize the need for on-site supportive services professionals for our residents who arrive at their Caritas home without a case manager. Our newest members of our team, in partnership with Peabody Residential, establish trusting relationships with residents, help to identify their needs, and serve them exclusively. These on-site professional social services will enhance our mission of providing quality affordable housing and preventing homelessness.

By helping our residents connect to other service agencies that address issues affecting their quality of life and employability, such as physical and mental health, Caritas is creating the assurance that, whatever situation our residents may be facing, there is someone there to assist.

Need Support?  Contact Allen Furey at 781-843-1242, ext. 26 or